Rich Dad Poor Dad | Lessons About How To Get Rich 

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Do you know that Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of the top ten finance books that teach people how to achieve financial freedom, manage money, and use money as a tool for wealth development?

Rich dad poor Dad
Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki is the author of this book. Robert Kiyosaki mentions six money rules in this book. You must read this book if you want to become financially literate.

Let’s look at the money lessons mentioned in this book.

The story of Rich Dad Poor Dad is based on Robert Kiyosaki’s life. The writer describes their two fathers in this book: one is their own father, whom he refers to as Poor Dad, and the other is a friend’s father, whom he refers to as Rich Dad in his book.

The poor dad he mentioned has a very educated person and is a teacher who is still financially broke, which is why he has given him the title of poor dad.

On the other hand, his rich dad was not educated that much but he has good financial knowledge and top businessman in their city. That’s why Robert called him Rich Dad. Let us look at six money lessons written by Robert Kiyosaki in his book.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Lesson No 1

The first lesson of Rich Dad Poor Dad is Rich Doesn’t Work for money, money work for them.

Robert Kiyosaki’s father tells in the book that people are engaging in various circles for a long time and that circle he calls said Rat Race.

Today, the majority of people’s life goals are limited to obtaining a degree, finding employment, getting married, and repaying loans with their wages until death. People work hard, and other people profit from them. That is why the rich dad advised finding a way to make money work for you.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Lesson No 2

The second lesson of Rich Dad Poor Dad is Keeping money is more important than making it.

You heard about it much news that A person which had a lot of money much time but now is financially broke person. This happens because of a lack of financial knowledge. Rich dad says that the most important thing is you have to learn how to consistently grow and maintain your money.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Lesson No 3

The third lesson is to Do your job along with your own business.

Generally, what happens if anyone gets his favorite job then he spends his all life doing that job without any thinking. Rich dad says anyone can do business along with a job if he has willpower. so, he can also make a king of a business empire.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Lesson No 4

The fourth lesson is Taxes are only for the middle class and poor. In this lesson, the rich dad says during a talk about the history of tax that the tax system was made to match the difference between rich and poor people. In starting day tax had only applicable to rich people and taxes use to spend on poor people’s needs. After some time, the tax also applies to middle-class people. Business-minded people use their heads avoid to paying the tax. Most of the tax is collected in government accounts by middle- and upper-class people. So, you have to learn how to manage your taxes.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Lesson No 5

Lesson number 5 is, Rich invented money. Jeff Bezos, Elon musk, bill gates, and mark Zuckerberg

are the types of people who invented such businesses that people can’t think will happen. Through their revolutionary idea, they invented money for themselves before anyone worked on these ideas. That’s why it is said that these people do not earn money they invent money. So, you have to think like this approach. Nott just focuses on earning money you have to think on invent money.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Lesson No 6

Lesson number 6 is, Rich learns all the time and knows how to sell their idea.

Robert Kiyosaki wanted to say that, rich men never stop learning new things. By this habit, he always knows how to sell their product or ideas at a big level. So, you have to develop this type of habit.

Rich Dad Poor Dad FAQ

yes, it is. One of the most popular books on personal finance is Rich Dad Poor. It also states on the book cover that it is “The Number1 personal finance book of all time!

1. Wealthy people don’t work for money; wealth works for them.

2. Preserving money is more crucial than earning it.

3. Manage both your own business and your career.

4. Only the poor and middle class pay taxes.

5. Rich invented money.

6. Rich is constantly learning and knows how to sell their idea.

If you don’t like reading then you listen to the rich dad poor dad audiobook.

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