Read One Piece: Straw Hats bounties after Wano, Explained !

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Straw Hats bounties after Wano

Straw Hats bounties after Wano: Following the thrilling Wano Arc, the recent chapter of One Piece, titled “New Emperors,” revealed the much-anticipated new bounties of the Straw Hat Pirates. While Luffy’s bounty has always been the highest, the rest of the crew’s bounty has increased significantly.

Let’s take a look at each Straw Hat’s new bounty and the reasoning behind it, shedding light on their incredible achievements in Wano.

Luffy Bounty After Wano Arc

Luffy’s bounty remains the highest among his crewmates, reaching an astounding 3 billion Berries. The combined efforts of Luffy, Eustass Kid, and Trafalgar Law in defeating the formidable Kaido and Big Mom are credited with this elevation.

According to legend, the former Emperors’ bounties were divided among the three captains, cementing Luffy’s position as the new Emperor of the sea.

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Zoro Bounty After Wano Arc

Zoro, Jimbei, and Sanji have all crossed the 1 billion Berry threshold in an impressive turn of events.

Zoro’s bounty is 1.111 billion Berries, which he earned through his victory over the mighty King, who is worth 1.39 billion.

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Sanji Bounty After Wano Arc

Sanji, with a bounty of 1.032 billion, defeated Queen, who had a bounty of 1.32 billion. Notably, Zoro never fails to tease Sanji about his slightly lower bounty.

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Jimbei Bounty After Wano Arc

Jimbei’s bounty of 1.1 billion Berries may appear perplexing, given that Who’s-Who had a bounty of 546 million. However, Jimbei’s notoriety from his pre-Straw Hat Pirates days is likely to have played a significant role in his elevated bounty.

Jimbei’s reputation, combined with his role in an Emperor’s crew, cements his position as one of Luffy’s three Commanders.

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Robin’s Bounty After Wano Arc

Nico Robin, the only person who could decipher the Poneglyphs, saw a significant increase in her bounty. Her value has increased from 130 million Berries to 930 million as a result of her invaluable skills and association with an Emperor’s crew.

As a result, she becomes a prime target for both the World Government and competing pirates.

Chopper’s Bounty After Wano Arc

As part of an ongoing gag, Chopper, the crew’s beloved pet, received a minor increase in his bounty. His bounty has increased from 100 Berries to 1000 Berries, representing a 1000% increase.

Though amusing, this emphasizes the importance of each crew member, regardless of their bounty, in the Straw Hats’ journey. The Rest of the Crew’s Well-Deserved Increase:

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Nami’s, Brook’s, Franky’s, Usopp’s Bounty After Wano Arc

Regardless of their opponents or previous worth, the remaining crew members saw a uniform increase of 300 million Berries in their bounties.

Nami’s bounty is now 366 million, Brook’s is 383 million, Franky’s is 394 million, and Usopp’s is 500 million, which coincidentally matches Luffy’s bounty post-Dressrosa.

These increments correspond to the difficulties they encountered against the Tobi Roppo, whose bounties ranged from 220 to 480 million.

The Straw Hat Pirates’ Total Bounty Count

The Straw Hat Pirates’ bounty has risen from a total of 3,161,000,100 Berries to an astounding 8,816,001,000 Berries. With a few exceptions, the crew members have outperformed expectations, demonstrating their strength and establishing their worth as an Emperor-level crew.

The Wano Arc has been a watershed moment in their journey, propelling them one step closer to their ultimate goal.

My Opinion on Straw Hats Bounties after Wano

In One Piece Chapter 1058, the Straw Hat Pirates’ new bounties are revealed, highlighting their remarkable achievements during the Wano Arc.

Luffy’s elevation to Emperor, Zoro, Jimbei, and Sanji surpassing the 1 billion Berry mark, Robin’s increased value as a Poneglyph reader, and the uniform growth of the rest of the crew’s bounties all contribute to the crew’s reputation.

As the crew sets sail for new adventures, their newfound value reflects their unwavering determination and strength in the face of formidable opponents.

Straw Hats bounties after Wano

Luffy Bounty After Wano Arc3 billion Berries.
Zoro Bounty After Wano Arc1.111 billion Berries
Sanji Bounty After Wano Arc1.032 billion Berries
Jimbei Bounty After Wano Arc1.1 billion Berries
Robin’s Bounty After Wano Arc930 million Berries
Chopper’s Bounty After Wano Arc1000 Berries Berries
Nami’s Bounty After Wano Arc366 million Berries
Brook’s Bounty After Wano Arc383 million Berries
Franky’s Bounty After Wano Arc394 million Berries
Usopp’s Bounty After Wano Arc500 million Berries
Straw Hats bounties after Wano

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