Is Diablo stronger than Rimuru?

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Diablo and Rimuru are locked in a battle in the world of make-believe, where superpowers collide. They’re both extremely powerful, but who is truly the most powerful? Let’s dissect it.

Diablo: The Super Special Demon

Diablo isn’t just any demon; he’s the demon’s boss. What’s truly bizarre is that he can’t be killed permanently. He just keeps returning, which keeps everyone on their toes. Feldway, who is all about preparation, is aware that Diablo is Rimuru’s primary protector and is preparing to deal with him.

Diablo is really old, which makes him extremely powerful. He utterly outclassed Rimuru when he initially debuted. Older demons are stronger, and Diablo is one of the oldest. Some say he’s the second oldest after Guy Crimson, although the precise figure is unknown.

Rimuru: The Rising Star

Rimuru, who began as a slime, is a true underdog story. He has a new form named True Demon Lord, but Diablo was already one step ahead of him. Diablo’s brute power isn’t the only thing that puts him ahead; his magical abilities also help. Rimuru’s inexperience also holds him back, especially when contrasted to Diablo and his friends.

But don’t write Rimuru off just yet. He has a secret weapon called Food Chain that grants him incredible power. Being strong, however, does not guarantee victory. Rimuru’s makeover in Volume 15 is game-changing. He’s nearly like a deity now, and that alters everything.

The Big Showdown: What’s Next?

The fascinating aspect is that Diablo and Rimuru are on a collision course, and no one knows who will prevail. Diablo’s never-ending comeback collides with Rimuru’s rising power. Diablo is like a difficult puzzle, but Rimuru is growing into a cosmic powerhouse.

This conflict is significant because no one knows who will triumph. It’s the unknown that makes it so intriguing. Diablo and Rimuru have quite distinct strengths, and they’re leaving an indelible stamp on fantasy history. So, who will triumph? That’s a question that will have fans discussing for quite some time.

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