Zoro vs King Just Became the Anime's Best Fight Yet

Zoro struggles to master Conqueror's Haki and control the Enma sword in the face of King's relentless attacks.

During the intense battle, Zoro gradually learns about the King's strengths and weaknesses.

Zoro seizes fleeting opportunities to strike back at King, taking advantage of his opponent's vulnerability.

The King's burning desire to protect his captain fuels the already raging conflict.

The backstory of King is revealed, revealing his Lunarian origins and the close bond he has with Kaido.

As he fights not only for himself but also for his captain, Zoro's unwavering determination and superior strength are on display.

Zoro's exceptional swordsmanship allows him to cut through King's ferocious attacks with ease, culminating in a flashy and decisive victory.